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bode george

I welcome you all to a year of hope and great possibilities. I do not agree with the prophets of doom and destruction. It shall be well with our nation. It shall be well with our State. But we must make the right choice. We must be intelligent with our decision.

Here at home in Lagos State we have made the right and the wise choice in our party. The choice of Jimi Agbaje as our gubernatorial candidate is a shining of the light over darkness. It is a triumph of the truth over falsehood. It is a noble attestation of the voice of the people affirming itself in vivid largeness.

Here in Lagos State, the People’s Democratic Party has listened and affirmed the choice of the majority of Lagosians. Yes, Lagosians want change. We want a change from the callous, self centered 16 years of prodigal cronyism to a selfless, God-fearing and people oriented governance. Lagosians want a change from a cold-hearted, selfish and indifferent acquisitive power-mongers to a government that protects the interests of the people and appreciates the fact that power must always be used with discipline and utmost sacrifice.

We have chosen a man of remarkable pedigree and excellent professionalism. We have chosen a man who will serve with vision and selfless truth in the collective interest of all Lagosians. We have chosen a conscionable man of merit whose pedigree is well known, whose public record is glittering with humility, with observable distinctions and selflessness.

I want to use this opportunity to thank all the elders of our party and all the young men and women who ensured that the truth prevailed at the end. I also want to thank all the other aspirants for demonstrating sportsmanship and embracing the peace.

The truth of the matter is that our gubernatorial primary was free and fair. It was conducted in the open glare by the strictest, untainted rules of polished and incorruptible professionals. It was won fair and square. It is a public knowledge that our gubernatorial primary was far superior and more democratic than the secretive APC affair where the list of delegates was generated from one man’s bedroom.

Today our party has now moved beyond the externally orchestrated rancor of yesterday. We have moved far beyond the politics of touts and banditry. Lagosians are insisting on the politics of ideas and issues. This is why we have chosen Jimi Agbaje.

We will never tolerate nor condone politics of hate and brigandry. We will never allow the crude recourse to the cudgel and hooliganism. We will continue to frown at the primitive agents of violence and the fringe elements who seek attention through noisy indecorous grandstanding. We will banish from our midst desperate power grabbers who  will use all foul and indecent methods to climb the ladder of power. Lagosians have moved on to a decent, respectable, enlightened and more dignified politics.

Our campaign will be based on truth and observable logic. We will engage the APC on the high moral ground of polished enlightenment. They will run on their record of deceit and virtual immoral greed. We will offer sound vision, selfless service and missionary sacrifice.

We will remind the voters about their senseless aggrandizement, their inordinate, sickening expropriation of public properties, their glaring nepotism which has turned governance into a family affair, their desperate creed of greed which is virtually turning Lagos State into a slave camp.

We will offer a caring vision where power must be used to heal the broken places; where governance must be seen as a real call to serve with pride and dignity.

We will ask them to account for the over N30 Trillion Naira generated revenue in the last 16 years. We will ask them to tell Lagosians how one man alone can be taking more than Five Billion Naira from our collective treasury every month.

What we offer is a refreshing vision of strong commitment to enduring traditional values of moral uprightness, dedication and sacrifice in the pursuit of the common cause.

It is this same spirit of candor and moral elevation that President Goodluck Jonathan offers at the national level. I urge Lagosians to vote for him massively because he has kept the faith and strengthened the bonds of our national unity despite grave provocations. Let us re-elect our President for sustaining harmony among our ethnic divide and for the significant growth in the fields of commerce, aviation, power and transportation.

The good people must stand together now to protect this democracy. We must never give room to charlatans and people of dubious and unfathomable pedigree. All over the world, governance is now merit based. Young men and women of superior intellect and moral distinctions are taking the reins of power with new dynamism and new vision. Our own should not be different. We have started this journey in Lagos State. We urge Lagosians to stand with us.

We the Elders have now reached a transitional phase in our quest of imparting social justice and developmental fairness in our nation. Our duty now is not to lead and sit tight in infinite command, entangling ourselves in perpetuity at the barricades.

No. We must now act as guardians and counselors. We must now serve as shepherds and pathfinders, leading from the rear, commanding by negation from afar, as we say it in the military, promoting and nurturing a new set of generational leaders, ensuring that a new progressive vision and meritorious leadership are solidly rooted to cement our collective legacies.

But truly, our job will never be concluded until victory is achieved and the final triumph is ascertained in February. Let us all now commit ourselves to the mission of removing from our polity the task masters and slave drivers that are ruining our heritage. Let us now go forth to win a superlative victory for all Lagosians who are presently burdened with a virulent and decadent power that has abandoned the truth for fraud; a power that is glorifying blind, self-pursuit instead of service and sacrifice.

We must now remain strong and firm. We must be steadfast and truthful with ourselves. This journey must never be derailed by opportunists and fifth columnists. This is the time to make a difference. Lagosians are ready for us. I can see victory right at the corner.

May the Good Lord Bless our purpose. I thank you all.

By Chief Olabode George, CON

Atona Oodua of Yorubaland

Lugard- Ikoyi Lagos

5th January 2015


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Uthman Shodipe

Uthman Ademilade Shodipe, a descendant of King Ado, the first King of Lagos, is from the Dosunmu Royal House. A student of Classical Antiquity and History of Political Thought, he studied Comparative Literature and Intellectual History of Europe 18th Century at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).